Research scientists have discovered that when we have been hurt or wronged, the desire to harm others activates the same pleasure centers of the brain activated by narcotics. This suggests that the desire to kill is a biological craving created inside the brain. If you are thinking about killing, you are not "evil." You are experiencing a brain-created desire to harm others and yourself. If your brain created it, then your brain can also make it go away.

Help is available right now. The desire to kill can be overcome. 

Below are resources to help you overcome the desire to kill:

  • If the desire to kill is overwhelming you and you are getting ready to act, DIAL 911, the National Crisis Hotline (1-800-273-8255) or the FBI tip line (1-800-255-5324) or GO to the nearest hospital emergency room (without taking a weapon).  You are experiencing a genuine life-threatening emergency and you are entitled to immediate help. Your life and the lives of others depend on it. Do not talk yourself out of seeking help. CALL NOW! DO NOT DELAY!​
  • VISIT the suicide prevention website at this link. Why a suicide prevention website? Because suicide and homicide are both killing. Murder-suicides are all too common. You may already be planning your own death. Even if not, you may have acknowledged and accepted the grave risk that by killing others you are likely to be killed. Many of the same powerful resources that help prevent people from committing suicide can also be used to help prevent people from committing homicide. When people say they are thinking about committing suicide, they are treated with compassion. You need compassion now. Use suicide prevention resources to get help!They are available at many sites on the Internet!
  • VISIT and DOWNLOAD AND USE the free Miracle Court App. The Miracle Court App lets you sue and experience getting justice against anyone, anywhere without harming them or yourself. It's fast, easy to use, and is based on a method shown in university research to help people safely release and overcome the desire for revenge.
  • VISIT  or CALL their hotline at 1-844-49-PEACE. Parents For Peace offers resources for preventing radicalization, violence, and extremism. 
  • WATCH these inspiring online videos:
  • REMEMBER that you are still the loving and lovable child you once were, precious and valuable beyond all measure. No matter what has happened to you or what you may have been planning, this inner being is your true self. It cannot be destroyed. Remember who you really are inside. Do not accept the false illusion that you are a murderer. Do not accept such a terrible lie.  Remember your true self.... 
  • FORGIVE those who hurt you.  Do this not because they deserve it because YOU deserve it. Cain wanted to be loved and respected. By committing murder, he forever forfeited this and became despised. If Cain had forgiven God and Abel, he could have saved himself. Had he done this, he would have experienced all of the love and respect and joy that he so desperately wanted. This is also true for you. Forgiveness is the one miracle that all human beings can perform for themselves. Anytime. Anywhere. You can perform that miracle right now. Forgive others. Forgive the world. Save yourself. 
  • TALK to clergy or other people you deeply respect. Seek their help and advice.
  • READ the following books about overcoming the desire to kill:


Crisis Hotline: 1-800-273-8255